So you're looking for author portraits?

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Maybe you're an author in need of a portrait for the jacket of your first novel, or you're looking for new photos for a website refresh, panel appearances or other publicity uses. You might not be used to being in front of the camera—if you've been putting off getting portraits taken, please reach out so we can talk more! I promise shooting together will be more fun than you're expecting.


I worked in publishing for nearly a decade before pursuing photography full-time, and since then, I’ve photographed over 100 authors. My portraits have been featured on book jackets by all major (and most minor!) publishers; by Publishers Weekly, The New York Times, VOGUE, Elle, Girls at Library, on the cover of a New York Times bestselling book, on the cover of Kirkus Reviews and American Poetry Review and more.


portrait of author Meredith Westgate in Brooklyn NYC
author portrait of Hilary Leichter writer of TEMPORARY and TERRACE STORY

"Working with Sylvie for a new set of author portraits was an absolute dream. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease, which comes across in the fantastic photos — they have such a range, and Sylvie was so helpful in deciding where and how we shot. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. I can't imagine a more generous photographer, or the process being more enjoyable than this was."

"Sylvie is just incredible! I have worked with her twice now for my author photos, and I'm so amazed at her talent, and grateful to know such a kind and brilliant artist. She is warm, professional, easy to talk to, and is so skilled at making people feel comfortable and relaxed. In her photographs, she's always able to capture the glimmer of joy or mischief or soul that makes a person unmistakably who they are. I recommend Sylvie to everyone I know, and always will!"


I take author portrait sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. My availability varies throughout the year but often I can fit in shoots within the next few weeks!

What's your availability?

The vast majority of the author portrait shoots I do take place in NYC, but I'm very happy to travel outside of the city (to NJ, upstate NY, CT, etc) so I can photograph you at or close to home, and will just calculate a travel fee based on how far I'd be traveling.

Where will you travel for author portraits?

I can work with most timelines; my standard delivery of final edited photos is within 3 weeks of our session, but I can rush delivery to 1 week or less with an additional editing fee.

What if I need portraits ASAP for my publisher?

Where should I take my portraits?

Portraits are a personal thing, and I like to shoot at least partially in your home if that’s possible! We can take a walk together in your neighborhood and I’ll scout for photo locations on the fly, or we can head to a specific spot or park (or rooftop, or garden, etc.) you know. Shooting outdoors in NYC means there will be people around, so keep that in mind. We can also shoot in rented apartment or other space if you’re looking for a specific backdrop that your apartment doesn’t have, but there’s a modest additional cost for that.

What if I'm uncomfortable in front of the camera?

I’d be surprised if you weren’t! I know getting your portrait taken is an extremely personal and intimate thing and I’ll guide you through the whole process.

What do I do with my hands?

While author photos usually get cropped in close on your face for the actual book jacket, I like to shoot a little wider (i.e. including torso) so you’ll have options for photos that include more background and context. This means your arms and hands will probably be in some photos! I’ll help pose you, and them.

Will I get my portraits in color or black & white?

I’ll edit all your final portraits in color, but I know it can be helpful to have a black and white option, so if there’s one you’d like to have in b&w also, I’ll be happy to do that additional edit once you’ve seen everything!

Will you retouch my photos?

Yup! I lightly retouch all the photos I edit—this includes removing stray hairs, minor/temporary skin imperfections, etc. If you request more retouching I may need to charge an additional per-photo editing fee, depending on what’s required.

What rights do I have to my portraits?

All printing/sharing/online reproducing rights throughout the world. I don't charge extra for foreign rights (UK or translation).