NYC stoop wedding elopement with vintage dress and rainbow floral installation

Cobble Hill retro wedding with Simone Rocha dress Molly Goddard veil with mariachi band

Bridal portrait of Roxanne with vintage wedding dress and baby's breath in her hair in NYC

vintage elopement couple in front of rainbow wall in brooklyn

NYC city hall couple kissing on the subway

elopement couple sharing heart shaped pepperoni pizza at the plaza hotel

brooklyn city hall shoot with vintage wedding dress from cha cha linda with calla lilly bouquet and bow veil by madison chamberlain

Linda and Ben exit Manhattan city hall marriage bureau with red dress and confetti toss in NYC

elopement couple cutting vintage cake

Retro NYC family shoot at Whitestone Lanes bowling alley in Flushing Queens with vintage outfits

nyc city hall couple with pink flowers and vintage happy isles salon dress on the subway

NYC city hall couple with brown retro suit and blazer dress

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Hi! I’m Sylvie Rosokoff.

portrait of Sylvie Rosokoff against a rainbow backdrop holding a cat

I'm a New York-based photographer specializing in elopements and author portraits, and I'm so happy you're here.

You're probably eager to get to the main event (ahem, the photos!) so I won't slow you down with too many words. As you can probably tell from *waves hands around* all this, I'm captivated by color, authentic emotions and real people. So look around, shoot me a message, and let's make magic together!


Or, if you want to skip straight to the good stuff (i.e. info on eloping in NYC), here you go:




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